The curriculum of the Engineer Professional Study Program, UNY is designed to prepare a bachelor of engineering (ST), an undergraduate of applied engineering (STr), a Bachelor of Engineering Education (S.Pd), and a Bachelor of Science (S.Si) to become an engineer. The program is designed for one year or 2 semesters with a study load of 24 credits consisting of 30% of classess on campus, and 70% of Engineering Practices in Industry or Companies.



1. Professional Code of Ethics and Ethics of Engineers (2 credits)

2. Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (2 credits)

3. Professionalism (2 credits)

4. Engineering Practice (12 credits)

    - Engineering philosophy

    - Industry Development Direction and Status

    - Industrial system

    - Engineering problems

    - Troubleshooting Tasks

    - Compilation of the Engineering Practices report

5. Case Studies (4 credits)

6. Seminars, Workshops and Discussions (2 credits)


Prospective students who already have work experience in the engineering field can join the Professional Engineer Study Program via the RPL program by filling in the Engineer Application Form document. Please download the Format Here. Past Learning Experience filled in the document will then be assessed by the Assessment Board and can be used to equalize the curriculum.

For graduates of Bachelor of Engineering Educationa and Bachelor of Science are required to attend an equalization or matriculation which will be held after the announcement of new student admissions.